Our Mission
The Artificial Intelligence Lab at Bocconi, part of the BIDSA institute, comprises a multidisciplinary group of researchers conducting theoretical, algorithmic and applied studies on intelligent systems, building on tools from computer science, statistical physics, economics, statistics and computational biology.

Focus on

Research program
Our focus topics: ML theory, algorithms, modeling, stochastic optimization, applications, and more.
19/11/2018 h.16.00
Artificial Intelligence at Bocconi
We have created a dedicated lab at Bocconi to bring together physicists, computer scientists, statisticians, decision theorists, computational neuroscientists and game theorists to work on modeling intelligent systems and their connection with human decisions.
28/10/2019 h.17.00
Lab-related Bocconi news
News articles related to the Lab activities
Bocconi University, Room 3.e4.sr03 via Roentgen 1, 3rd floor
17/12/2018 h.12.30
"Rough-glassy landscapes from inference to machine learning”