Members of the Lab carry out research in applied mathematics. They are computer scientists, statisticians, theoretical economists and theoretical physicists who are Bocconi faculty members or close collaborators. 
Seven ERC grants have been awarded to the Lab faculty members. 

The Lab hosts researchers from other universities and research centers through conferences, workshops and visiting positions. PostDocs, PhD students and interns are a vital component of the Lab.

Riccardo Zecchina
Scientific Director - Machine Learning, Statistical Physics
Professor of Theoretical Physics at Bocconi University, previously Professor at Politecnico di Torino. He has been research scientist and head of the Statistical Physics Group at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste (‘97-‘07). Since 2018 he holds the Vodafone Chair in Mac ...
Carlo Baldassi
Machine Learning, Computational Neuroscience
Carlo Baldassi is Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Bocconi University. His research interests focus on the application of Statistical Mechanics to machine learning and computational neuroscience, and more generally to large-scale inference and optimization problems. ...
Pierpaolo Battigalli
Game Theory, Economics
Professor of Microeconomics and Game Theory, and current Head of the Department of Decision Sciences. Director of the PhD in Economics until 2010 and Dean of the PhD School until 2019. He has taught at the Politecnico di Milano, the University of Princeton and the European University Institute. He i ...
Emanuele Borgonovo
Operations Research
Professor of Operations Research at the Department of Decision Sciences and Director of the Management Science Laboratory of SDA Bocconi Business School. He's Director of Bachelor in Economics, Management and Computer Science (BEMACS). He has been director of the ELEUSI Research Centre of Bocc ...
Nicolas Brunel
Computational Neuroscience (Duke University)
Professor of Neurobiology and of Physics, Affiliate in the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, Faculty Network Member of Duke Institute for Brain Sciences ...
Simone Cerreia-Vioglio
Decision Theory, Economics
Simone Cerreia-Vioglio is an Associate Professor in the Department of Decision Sciences. He earned his Laurea degree in Finance from Bocconi University in 2005 and his PhD in Economics from Columbia University in 2010. He has joined Bocconi in 2010 and he is an IGIER fellow. His research interests a ...
Daniele Durante
Statistics, Machine Learning
Daniele Durante is an Assistant Professor of Statistics at the Department of Decision Sciences of the Bocconi University, and a Research Affiliate at the Bocconi Institute for Data Science (BIDSA). His research is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach at the intersection of Bayesian methodo ...
Christoph Feinauer
Machine Learning, High Performance Computing
Christoph Feinauer is Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Bocconi University. He works in machine learning and high performance computing applications, e.g. to biological problems, medical research, natural language processing. ...
Antonio Lijoi
Antonio Lijoi is Professor of Statistics in the Department of Decision Sciences, at Bocconi University. He has previously been Assistant Professor (1999-2005) and Associate Professor (2006-2011) of Statistics in the Department of Economics and Quantitative Methods, at the University of Pavia. He ...
Carlo Lucibello
Machine Learning, Statistical Physics
Carlo Lucibello is Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Bocconi University. His research focus is on the theoretical investigation of problems in signal processing, discrete optimization and machine learning, along with the design of related algorithms. ...
Fabio Maccheroni
Decision Theory, Economics
Fabio Maccheroni is a Professor of Decision Sciences at Bocconi (Milano) and a fellow of IGIER. He works on Decision Theory, Game Theory, and Mathematical Finance. More recently, he started working on topics in Computational Neuroeconomics and Discrete Choice Analysis ...
Massimo Marinacci
Decision Theory, Economics
Massimo Marinacci is Professor in the Department of Decision Sciences of Bocconi University. Since 2011, he holds the AXA-Bocconi Chair in Risk. ...
Simone Padoan
Simone Padoan is an Assistant Professor in Statistics at Bocconi University. His research interests focus on Applied Probability Statistical Theory and Computational Statistics. His major area of investigation concerns the Extreme-Value Theory. His interests range from theoretical to applied statist ...
Sonia Petrone
Sonia Petrone is Professor of Statistics at Bocconi University. Her research areas include Bayesian Statistics -- foundations, methods, applications, Bayesian nonparametrics, mixtures and latent variable models, methods and models for prediction, state space models. ...
Igor Prünster
Professor of Statistics at Bocconi University, Director of the Bocconi Institute of Data Science & Analytics (BIDSA) Fellow of IGIER ...
Luca Trevisan
Computer Science
Luca Trevisan is a professor Computer Sciences at Bocconi University and a senior scientist at the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing. He is from Rome, where he studied at the Sapienza University of Rome, advised by Pierluigi Crescenzi. He has also been a post-doc at MIT (with theTheory o ...
Giacomo Zanella
Giacomo Zanella is an Assistant Professor of Statistics and Machine Learning at Bocconi University. He received his PhD in Statistics at the University of Warwick in 2015 and the same year he was awarded a Doctoral Prize EPSRC fellowship. He then moved to Bocconi at the end of 2016. His research int ...

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